Slowcooker Borscht Stew

Slow-Cooker Borscht Stew

Have you ever made a meal that had all the right things going for it – nutritious ingredients, easy preparation, visual appeal – the only problem was that nobody actually liked it?  Yeah, that’s what happened with this meal. I still wanted to share it though, because I think it’s a really great recipe, especially for people following low-carb, […]

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Butternut Squash, Yam and Chicken Soup

Butternut Squash, Yam & Chicken Soup

Now that fall is here, I think it’s time for a soup recipe.  I had some leftover chicken and fresh thyme from the Roast Chicken recipe I posted recently. There’s always an ample supply of butternut squash and yams this time of year, so I added those ingredients to the soup as well. I threw a few […]

Raspberry Oreo Coffee Creamer

Raspberry Oreo Coffee Creamer

Unless I’m battling morning sickness in my first few months of pregnancy, it’s very rare to see me in the morning without a cup of coffee nearby. It’s such a common sight at my house that my toddler can already say “coffee” as she points to my mug. I’m sure I’m not the only one out […]

Minecraft birthday party ideas

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Every year I say I’m not going to go too crazy with birthday parties, but sometimes I just can’t seem to help myself. This year, Cole asked if he could have a Minecraft party for his 8th birthday. My initial thought was, “Alright!! This is going to be easy – he’ll have a few friends over to […]

CHicken and Mango Flatbread

Chicken and Mango Flatbread #Pulocuisine

You may recognize this flatbread, because I gave you a glimpse of it in my post about the Get Cooking Challenge, where I mentioned that I got a new toaster oven. This flatbread – or pizza, or whatever you want to call it – was one of the first things I tried in it. Wow, was it ever […]

Turkey Enchilada Pasta

Turkey Enchilada Pasta

Mexican food has got to be my favourite food.  No wait – make that Italian food – because I love pasta so much. It’s just too hard to decide…or it was, until I had this enchilada pasta. It’s the best of both worlds! This is a great weeknight one-pot meal. It’s easy to make, and with turkey and shredded […]

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