Asian Chicken Drumsticks (AKA the best chicken ever!)

Asian Chicken Drumsticks

I’m a frugal grocery shopper, so when I see chicken drumsticks on sale, I grab a lot of them. They’re much cheaper than most other parts of the chicken, but can be just as tasty. I usually just sprinkle a little seasoning salt on them and bake them, but that gets pretty boring after a while. When I saw a […]

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Grain Free Scones

My mom shared these amazing grain free scones with me, and I’m sharing them at Health Starts in the Kitchen today. They’re gluten-free, high in fibre, low in carbs, and sugar-free. Please see my guest post to read more!


Counting Sheep Coffee helps you sleep

When I heard about this coffee called Counting Sheep that claims to actually help you fall asleep, I had to try it.  You might have noticed that I like coffee a little bit. Okay…a lot.  I’d drink it all day long if I could, but unfortunately it keeps me up if I drink it in the evening. […]


Turkey Meatball Curry

I love the combination of curry and coconut milk. The heat from the curry and the cooling creaminess of the coconut milk pair so well together. My kids hate anything spicy, so I don’t add a lot of curry, but I think it’s important for them to try different spices, even if it’s just a little […]

Salmon Burgers

Salmon Burgers #FlavourStory

One of my favourite memories so far this summer was when the boys caught their very first fish. It was such a thrill for them to feel the tug on the end of the line as the fish grabbed hold of the bait. They were totally enthralled as the fisherman showed them how to reel […]

Matcha Cherry Banana Smoothie

Matcha Cherry Banana Smoothie

  I’m still trying to use up all of those cherries that I mentioned in my post about Chocolate Cherry Zucchini Muffins, and I discovered that cherries make delicious smoothies.  I’ve also found that Matcha powder is a great ingredient in smoothies.  Kiss Me Organics provided me with a package of their Matcha Green Tea Powder […]