What Does Raw Egg Taste Like? – Surprising Facts!

Let’s get it right off the bat, raw eggs don’t taste like cooked eggs. Thinking that since you like runny eggs, raw ones will suit you too, is a misconception.

Everyone wonders at least once what raw egg tastes like. Many people eat eggs without cooking them for the protein they provide. It helps to bulk up quicker.

But there’s a process behind achieving the full raw egg taste experience. Don’t crack open an egg and put it in your mouth. It can be hard to swallow, or the egg might be bad.

Is it safe to eat eggs raw, or are there risks? Are there any health advantages to this? Let’s find out!

What Does Raw Egg Taste Like?

Like all raw food, eggs have very little taste when eaten. However, the main difference lies in the texture. The egg white is quite bland and has a sticky and runny texture. On the other hand, the egg yolk is a bit firmer and gelatinous but tastes creamy and buttery.

If you haven’t tasted raw eggs before, having an entire egg might overwhelm you because of the texture. So, start with small portions first, and work your way to one full egg. This applies to those who want to experience the taste as well.

Is it Safe to Eat Raw Egg? 

It depends on the egg you are eating. If you want to taste raw eggs, always buy pasteurized eggs. These eggs go through a period of light heating that removes certain bacteria. This lowers your chances of infection significantly.

Instead of buying generic mass-produced egg brands, the safest choice is organic eggs directly from farmers or small businesses. These eggs tend to be cleaner.

You should also clean every eggshell before you eat it raw. Most diseases happen because of unclean eggshells. So, clean them and crack open the egg safely.

Refrigerate your eggs under 6 degrees C (42 degrees F) to avoid harmful bacteria growth on the shelf. It also goes without saying that you shouldn’t consume eggs after their expiry date. Plus, don’t eat any cracked eggs.

Are There Any Downsides?

One of the biggest risks of eating raw eggs is salmonella infection. Salmonella is a bacteria found in eggs that haven’t been properly cooked. They exist mostly on the eggshells but can be found on the yolk too.

Nowadays, the chances of salmonella infection through eggs are incredibly low. If you feel nauseous, feverish, and vomit frequently after eating raw eggs, it could indicate Salmonella.

Moreover, raw eggs don’t provide more protein than cooked eggs. Our body absorbs 90% of the protein when the egg is cooked compared to 51% of raw eggs.

How to Eat Raw Eggs? 

Once you have clean and pasteurized eggs, you can eat them raw in many ways. It’s best to start off with small tastes. Tasting an entire raw egg without any preparation won’t suit your tastebuds.

For the first 3-5 days, have small portions of egg yolks and get used to the flavor. Then you can try less than one spoon of egg whites for the next couple of days. Try both together but in a small amount.

Pairing raw eggs with other foods helps to get used to the taste. You can add it while making healthy smoothies. Many cultures eat raw eggs with noodles, rice bowls, and salads.

If you start liking the taste of raw eggs, then you can start eating a whole egg. Crack the egg into a bowl or cup and drink it gradually.

Health Benefits of Eating Raw Eggs 


Eating raw eggs has many pros. One of the most common reasons why people eat raw eggs is to get enough protein intake. We’re all familiar with movies where the athlete protagonist eats raw eggs to bulk up. It’s a quick way to get your dose of protein.


One raw egg contains only 72 calories. It also has 147mg of choline, a fundamental nutrient for our body. Choline improves cognitive function and helps to tackle inflammation.

Vitamins and Antioxidants

Cooked eggs have less than 20% Vitamin A than raw eggs. Raw eggs contain antioxidants that improve eye health. This is especially beneficial once you grow older.


Hopefully, now you know what raw egg tastes like. Once you become familiar with the texture, you can eat it occasionally. To eat raw eggs, you must follow certain precautions like storing and washing the eggs properly to avoid risks.

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