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Food & Whine began back in January 2010 as my New Year’s resolution to start writing again. When I was younger, I loved to write. I would spend hours writing in my journal, creating short stories, and composing poetry. As I grew older, my commitments to my family and career swallowed up most of my time and energy. I missed writing and needed to find my way back to it, to carve out time for myself again. I wasn’t quite sure how to get there, because whenever I tried writing, I couldn’t summon the inspiration or creativity to write about anything, at least not consistently. I had two young children, I worked all day, and then I had to make dinner, pack lunches, and get the kids to bed. By the end of the day, I had run out of steam.

I struggled to find a topic to write about, but then I realized I had the perfect topic right in front of my face all along: food! Preparing food for my family was something I had to do every day, multiple times a day, so I had plenty of material for writing blog posts about food. I knew there had to be other parents out there just like me, who were tired — tired of spending so much work planning and preparing food, only to have their children whine about having to eat it.


Cole and Bennett, displaying their dislike (or possibly horror) of my cooking.

Through this blog, I want to show you that making food doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Food can be fun, both to make and to eat.  It doesn’t have to take a long time or a lot of weird ingredients to make amazing meals. My recipes are usually simple, quick, and use ingredients that you’d normally have on hand, so that you can often make a healthy home-cooked meal in less time than it takes to get less nutritious food from a restaurant or a package.

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I also show you my family’s reactions to my recipes, even when they’re bad, because I want all the parents of picky eaters to know that they’re not alone. And it helps to have a sense of humour about it. My kids (AKA the Whine Critics) can be pretty funny when they dislike something I make them. They don’t always like my food, and that’s perfectly okay! At least I enjoyed making it, and I’m trying my best to give them as many different food experiences as possible. You will see recipes here from a wide variety of cultures and cuisines. I don’t always stick with the typical “kid-friendly” food like chicken fingers or burgers (although I share those, too!).


The kids enjoying Maple Balsamic Pork Tenderloin Sliders at the beach.


There’s a little something for everyone, so you’re bound to find recipes you and your family enjoy. If you make a recipe from here and love it, I hope you’ll share a photo or comment on social media using the hashtag #passthewhine.

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Welcome! I’m Megan.

My kids like to whine, especially when it comes to the food they eat, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to make tasty and healthy meals for them. Follow along as I share family-friendly recipes and reviews from my picky family members, who I lovingly call “The Whine Critics.” Read More…

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