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My name is Megan and I live in the suburbs of Vancouver Canada with my husband Tony, two boys Cole and Bennett, and little girl Ayla.

Tony and I met on the internet while playing an online game (we’re nerds, I know). We became email ‘pen-pals’ and wrote each other for several years before finally meeting in person when I was 19. I lived on Vancouver Island and he lived on the Mainland, so we began taking the ferry back and forth every weekend to see each other. We did a lot of travelling together in those early years.
Me in Paris, France
Tony and Me in Havana, Cuba
Lounging on the beach at our favourite travel destination: Hawaii!
A couple years after we met we were married. It was a simple wedding on Vancouver Island in a church by the sea.
June 2002


After we were married I finished up my degree and got a job as an underwriter for an insurance company. Then we started to add members to our family.
At the hospital waiting for Cole to be born
Our first son, Cole, was born in 2006.
Me, Cole, and Tony at Shuswap Lake
Then Bennett came along in 2008.
Bennett at 6 months old
We almost stopped after two kids because two rambunctious boys were plenty to keep us busy, but then we finally decided to try for one more. To our surprise, we had a girl! Our daughter Ayla was born in February 2013.
Ayla at 1 week old
Now we’re a happy family of 5.
With a husband, two wild boys, a feisty girl and a full-time job, I have a lot on my plate, so putting food on my family’s plates can be a challenge. My goal is to make easy, healthy, and tasty meals to satisfy even my most picky eater and share them with you. I may not always succeed, but it’s fun trying!


The Whine Critics:

My 10-year-old son Cole has quite the discerning palate. He’s probably the toughest but also most thoughtful food critic out of all the members of my family. Although he manages to find parts of the meal that he likes, there are usually plenty of things that he doesn’t like about it. As he matures, he’s starting to learn to be more polite when he doesn’t enjoy something I make. He’ll say things like “that’s not really my favourite,” or “I don’t want to be rude, but…” I think that’s a much better approach than whining.

Cole’s favourite food

Lobster. He’s only had it once or twice in his life, but he has declared it his favourite food in the whole world. He also loves breakfast for dinner, with eggs, bacon and hashbrowns.

Cole’s least favourite food

It’s hard to pick just one! Probably perogies. He’s crazy.


If you read my blog, you’ll probably notice that my 8-year-old son Bennett likes to give my food a thumbs-up most of the time. Don’t be fooled by this; he’s actually pickier than he seems. He’ll often say he likes something, but then leave most of it on his plate. He’s a busy guy and has trouble sitting still at the dinner table long enough to eat a full meal.

Bennett’s favourite food

Macaroni and cheese with broccoli. It’s one meal that he can actually sit still for, and he’ll eat several helpings.

Bennett’s least favourite food

Squash — butternut and spaghetti squash in particular. It’s such a shame, because I happen to love squash and it’s so good for you. I still cook with it, because tastes change and I’m still hoping to win him over.


Ayla turned 4 in February, and she is a very opinionated little eater. Actually, she’s really opinionated in general, not just about food. If there’s something that she doesn’t like (which is most things these days), watch out! She can scream incredibly loud. When she does like something, she tries to put up her thumb for the camera, but uses her index finger instead. So cute!

Ayla’s favourite food:
Yogurt, yogurt, and more yogurt. She especially loves frozen yogurt tubes.
Ayla’s  least favourite food:
She’s not a fan of meat. I think she finds it too hard to chew, but luckily we eat lots of meatless meals.


My husband Tony likes to eat. I can count on him to give me an honest opinion of how my meals taste. He’ll tell me when he doesn’t like something, and won’t say that it’s good just to make me feel better. So when he does compliment my food I know that he really does like it.




Okay, Skye’s not really a Whine Critic because she mostly eats dog food, but she’s a member of our family nonetheless. We adopted her in the summer of 2016 when she was only 8 weeks old. She’ll be 1 in June, and she’s still full of puppy energy. She’s a Boxherd (Aussie Shepherd/Boxer mix). Although she’s not supposed to eat human food, she does enjoy stealing food off the table sometimes. Her favourite people foods are apples and bacon. There’s really nothing she won’t try to eat, including non-food items such as socks (black ones are her favourite), soccer balls, dirt, and occasionally our cat, Hunter. Don’t worry, he won’t let her get too close!





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Welcome! I’m Megan.

My kids like to whine, especially when it comes to the food they eat, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to make tasty and healthy meals for them. Follow along as I share family-friendly recipes and reviews from my picky family members, who I lovingly call “The Whine Critics.” Read More…

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