Mexican Rice and Bean Casserole

A simple and healthy one-dish Mexican meal with rice, kidney beans, veggies and cheese.

This is one of my go-to recipes when I can’t think of what to make and I don’t have a lot of time. t’s similar to my chili recipe, where there are several different cans that you throw into one big pot, except this meal is meatless. The ingredients are all staples in my kitchen, and the meal comes together pretty quickly, especially if you skip the baking part. I Sometimes I don’t even microwave or broil the cheese; I just sprinkle it on and cover it until it’s melted. My mom used to make this dish when was I was growing up, so it brings back lots of memories for me when I make it. I find myself drawn to many of my childhood meals when I’m cooking, I guess because they remind me of home and there’s something comforting in that. I want to recreate that for my own kids. I’m not too sure if it’s working, but they’re still young. Right now dinners are often a struggle, especially with Cole. This meal was no exception. I don’t force him to eat it, but I also don’t offer him anything else for dinner.  So he left the table without eating anything, and eventually came back to it and had a few bites but said he didn’t like it. The rest of the family enjoyed it though.

-Recipe adapted from The Lighthearted Cookbook

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