Apple Chips

A healthy snack that kids and grown-ups will love.

4 Gala apples

Slice apples very thinly. You can peel and core them if you like but I didn’t. I placed my apples whole through a food processor with the slicer attachment. Line 2 baking sheet parchment paper and arrange apples on paper. Or line with aluminum foil and place cooling racks on top, then arrange apple slices on the racks. Bake in oven at 225F for about 2 hours, flipping apples half-way through baking time.

These chips were so good! I took the lazy approach by not peeling or slicing, and they actually turned out great that way. The core made a pretty star shape in the centre of a lot of them. For the ones that didn’t have that shape, I cut out different shapes in the centre before baking them, like triangles, circles and squares. You could sprinkle the apples with cinnamon and sugar, but I thought the Gala apples were tasty and sweet just how they were. These literally only lasted about 10 minutes in my house. We all ate them up, but I think Cole liked them the most! It was hard to get a photo without his hand in the way stealing the chips.

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