Chicken Caesar Sliders

Chicken Caesar Sliders for an easy summer supper


Maybe it’s the heat, or the lack of routine, or the exhausting task of keeping the kids occupied all day (or probably a combination of all three!), but whatever the reason, there are a lot of times when I don’t feel like cooking much in the summer.  I either prepare meals earlier in the day while I still have the energy, or I make a quick and easy dinner.

These sliders are perfect for those summer days when I’m feeling lazy and I don’t want to fuss with dinner. I also don’t want to hear the kids whine about what’s for dinner. Thankfully, it’s often the easiest meals that are the biggest kid-pleasers.


Chicken Slider Critics


A big thumbs-up from everyone for this meal! I chopped up everything for Ayla, because it’s a little hard for a toddler to eat a whole slider. The boys assembled their own (Bonus! Even less work for me!) and gobbled them up.

I used pre-made chicken nuggets for the slider patties, but if you happen to have some homemade chicken nuggets (like these Quinoa Chicken Nuggets) stored in your freezer, this is a great opportunity to use them.  I didn’t have any slider buns, but I found that cutting up hot dog buns works perfectly.


Cut up hot dog buns to use for sliders


Serve the sliders with fresh veggies, and you’ll have dinner ready in no time. That means more time for relaxing on your patio and enjoying the summer.

Chicken Caesar Sliders


  • 8 chicken nuggets
  • 8 slider buns (or cut hot dog buns into thirds)
  • 1/2 avocado, sliced
  • 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, sliced
  • 1 cup lettuce, cut or ripped into bite-sized sections
  • 8 small sliced squares of herbed Havarti cheese
  • Caesar dressing


  1. Cook chicken nuggets according to package/recipe directions.
  2. Place cheese on the nuggets when they come out of the oven, so the cheese melts on top.
  3. Serve the cheese-covered nuggets on buns.
  4. Lay out the remaining ingredients on plates or platters on your dining table, and let everyone assemble their sliders.

Chicken Caesar Sliders

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