Amara Organic Baby Food Review & Giveaway

Amara Baby Food

I remember when my first-born was ready for baby food, I made most of it myself so that I knew exactly what was in it. I used organic fruits and vegetables. I cooked them, pureed them, and froze them in ice cube trays. I had stacks of different varieties of baby food in our freezer, ready to be thawed and fed to my baby.

The next two times around, as much as I wanted to feed my babies homemade baby food, I just didn’t have the time to make it for them. I’m sure I would have loved Amara baby food, because it’s organic and free of additives, offering pure and simple ingredients just like homemade baby food, but in convenient powdered form. All you need to do is add breast milk or water, and you have instant wholesome baby food. Plus, because it’s powdered and not jarred at high temperatures, it retains more vitamins and essential nutrients.

I don’t have babies anymore to test this baby food, so I asked a local mom of twins, who were just starting to eat solids. This is what she had to say:

I’ve only had a chance to give the twins one package of Banana but the one I did they seemed to like it. They are still getting used to the idea of solids so half of what goes in gets spat back out but they were opening their mouths waiting for the spoon which was a good sign as with some of the foods I’ve given them they turn their heads away. They didn’t finish a whole portion but what they left behind my 3 year old daughter devoured and loved it so I’d say Twin and Toddler approved.

I found that the banana baby food is excellent in baked goods, pancakes, and smoothies. So you don’t need to have a baby to enjoy this stuff! Amara sent me this smoothie recipe to share with you.

Amara orangie bano

They also have a Kale Mashed Potato flavor, which I haven’t tried, but apparently it can be mixed with almond milk and a bit of olive oil and butter for some added flavor and served warm.



If you’d like to try some for yourself, Amara is giving away 1 box (7 pouches) of Banana, and 1 box (7 pouches) of Kale Mashed Potato here on the blog. Enter using the form below. Good Luck!

Amara Organic Baby Food

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