Cherry Tomato Santa Hats

Santa Hats made with cherry tomatoes and cream cheese on a cracker. A simple, cute, and healthy Christmas appetizer!

Aren’t these Santa Hats cute? They’re really simple to make, with only 3 ingredients. Plus, they’re actually healthy, which is a nice change from all the sweets we eat over the holidays. My kids loved the fun shapes of Santa hats on top of crackers. They like cherry tomatoes anyway, so these were an instant hit.

Santa Hats made with cherry tomatoes and cream cheese on a cracker. A simple, cute, and healthy Christmas appetizer!

I think these would be great to serve at a Christmas party, especially for kids. Just be careful serving them to very young children because they could be a choking hazard. My older boys were fine with them, but I cut up Ayla’s cherry tomatoes into smaller sections because she quite three years old yet and doesn’t always chew her food that well. I think if I was doing this snack for Ayla’s age group, I’d slice the cherry tomato halves so I could lay them down flat and add the cream cheese to them in more of a 2D design. In any case, they’re super fun for Christmas and so easy to make.

Speaking of Santa hats, my kids are so excited about Santa Claus! My youngest, Ayla, is just starting to grasp the concept of Santa. Last year she was too young to really get it, but this year she’s starting to get caught up in all the excitement from my two older boys. I’m a little sad to think that this will probably be the last year that my oldest believes in Santa. He’s 9 and already questioning a lot of things. I know that as he grows older and wiser, he’ll be good about keeping the magic alive for his younger siblings, but I’ll miss seeing his face full of innocent wonder at the sight of Santa Claus.

I love seeing the kids’ faces when they watch Santa speak directly to them on the PNP (Portable North Pole) Videos. We’ve been using PNP for the past few years now, and the kids always look forward to their personal messages from Santa. We even got phone calls from him!

You can access the PNP experience online at or via their mobile app (compatible with Apple and Android devices). They will also be launching a free kids’ activity website with festive, free activities for kids, like crafts, coloring in, quizzes and stories etc.

Portable North Pole - get a promo code for 20% off!

Their basic services are free, but for a small fee you can receive premium videos, which are longer and include more personalisation options and storylines. This is really handy if you have multiple children like I do, so each of their videos are different. The passes also unlock exclusive Christmas Eve video content and allows the video to be downloaded in HD. If you’d like to try the paid products yourself, use this promo code BLG20PNP when you’re at check-out to receive 20% off.

If you use PNP, I’d love to hear your experience. I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season so far!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary all-access pass from PNP for the purpose of this review. All opinions in this post are my own.

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